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Rose-78 days. Deep pink fruits are smooth skinned with luscious flavor rivaling Brandywine. Meaty texture; fruits average 10-14 oz. Good yielding heirloom.

Indeterminate. 20-25 seeds per packet.

Read below for our seed starting tips:

1. Plan to start your seeds approximately 6 weeks before your last frost date. Don’t rush and start too early! Select a warm spot in the house for your germination trays or containers.

2. Use an organic soilless potting mix. You can choose to plant in trays, pots, old egg cartons, styrofoam cups, or any variety of shallow container that will hold the potting mix. Peat pellets work well too and are a good choice for small amounts of seed.

3. Fill containers with dampened mix and place seeds in container, lightly covering with planting mix no deeper than 1/4". You may plant several tomato seeds in each container since they will later need to be transplanted into larger individual pots.

4. Keep tray or containers lightly covered in a warm location. Plastic wrap set loosely on top of the container, or a raised clear humidity dome will speed germination. These can be purchased at any garden center.
Ideal germination temperature is around 75 degrees, and using a heat mat will speed things up. Keep seeds moist by misting frequently, but do not saturate the seed starting mix.

5. Germination may take as few as three, or as long as ten days. Be patient, check frequently and keep covered, moist & warm. Seeds must not dry out.

6. Once seeds germinate, move quickly to a high light area. Seedlings will need 12 hours of light per day. Grow lights or bulbs may be necessary. Keep seedlings close to light source to prevent them from reaching for light and getting leggy.

7. When seedlings have their first “true leaves”, carefully transplant into larger pots or containers to grow out prior to transplanting. Avoid fertilizing young seedlings prior to transplanting outdoors.

8. Continue to care for and monitor seedlings during their growth. Water seedlings sparingly. Saturated soil can cause damping off disease. Brush tops of the tender seedlings very gently every few days to strengthen stems.