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Brighten up your culinary world!  This collection of five edible flower varieties are easy to grow and have amazing colors and flavors.  A beautiful garnish for any dish. Freeze edible flowers in ice cube trays to make amazing floral ice cubes for summer drinks. Add to micro greens for the most amazing salads. Decorate cakes and baked goods, add some zip to craft cocktails, and spice up your kitchen with edible flowers!

Includes 5 varieties:

Bachelors Buttons (Blue Boy) - beautiful periwinkle flowers with a clove like flavor.

Calendula (Pacific Beauty) - brilliant orange and yellow flowers with saffron like flavor.

Nasturtium (Dwarf Jewel) - bright shades of red, yellow & orange flowers with peppery flavor.

Pansies (Mixed) - hues of purple, yellow and white with sweet, grassy flavor.

Borage - pretty blue flowers with mild cucumber flavor.