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Big, beautiful beefsteaks! This is the tomato collection for those who love meaty old fashioned slicing varieties. The collection includes 6 sample sized packets (12-15 seeds each) of favorite varieties of large, beefsteak sized heirloom tomatoes:  Kellogg's Breakfast, Black Pineapple, Gold Medal, Mortgage Lifter Red, Chocolate Stripes and Caspian Pink. If you are looking for big, juicy, gorgeous tomatoes, this is your collection! Comes with seed starting tips and packaged in an ECO-Friendly clamshell container. Free organic basil seed packet included.

Mortgage Lifter Red-84 Days. Family heirloom produces bright red 10-16 oz. beefsteaks. Delicious robust flavor, with great yield. A real old fashioned heirloom with the look and flavor.

Black Pineapple-80 Days. Dark purple fruit with green shoulders. Rich and full bodied flavor, sweet and smokey. Interior flesh streaked with pink and red, with amazing color and flavor. This tomato will not disappoint, wonderful addition to your garden.

Gold Medal (Ruby Gold)-78 Days. A wonderful yellow and red bi-color beefsteak. Thin skinned, luscious and sweet. Well balanced flavor, and one of our personal favorites at the farm. The fruits average 1-1 1/2 pounds. Gorgeous slicing tomato, with occasional green shoulders.

Chocolate Stripes-79 Days. Large mahogany fruit with green stripes. Delicious, complex, rich, sweet and earthy flavor. An absolutely stunning variety.

Caspian Pink-82 Days. A popular favorite from Russia. Incredibly juicy, sweet variety. This beefsteak averages 1 lb. fruits. Meaty texture with rich, wonderful flavor. Early yielding.

Kellogg's Breakfast-80 Days. Classic 1 pound beefsteak, beautiful orange color with meaty flesh and fantastic flavor. Sweet, tangy, juicy and delicious flavor. A wonderful slicer, and farmers market customer favorite.