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The Heirloom Cherry Collection includes 6 sample packets of seeds (approximately 12-15 seeds per packet) from favorite varieties of cherry tomatoes: Black Cherry, Riesentraube, Maglia Rosa, Sunrise Bumblebee, Indigo Cherry Drops and Amethyst Cream.

Each collection comes with seed starting tips, comes in an ECO-Friendly clamshell container and comes with free organic basil seeds.

Black Cherry-65 Days. Vigorous clusters of 1" round cherry tomatoes. Dusky purple/black fruits are bursting with rich flavor, very sweet and complex, a farm favorite. 

Maglia Rosa-70 Days. A unique julienne shaped cherry. Beautiful pink with yellow streaks, with a slight egg shape. Spectacular flavor; a wonderful blend of true tomato flavor with sweet rich taste.

Riesentraube-77 Days. An old German heirloom with sweet, bright red 1 oz. fruits that form in large clusters. Massive yields, full of rich old true tomato flavor.

Sunrise Bumblebee-70 Days. Lovely Artisan yellow/orange streaked cherry tomato with sweet and tangy flavors. 

Indigo Cherry Drops-72 Days. Huge yields bright red cherry tomatoes splashed with purple tops. Excellent sweet flavor.

Amethyst Cream-70 Days. Pale yellow fruits with purple splashes. Delightful color and sweet flavor. Developed by Wild Boar Farms.