Qty available: 12

Who can resist these beautiful little golf ball sized gems? Our mini loom collection includes 6 sample sized packets (approximately 12-15 seeds each) from favorite varieties of salad sized tomatoes: Juane Flamme, Yellow Perfection, Little Sunburst, Ceylon, Wagner Blue Green and . These six varieties range from 2-3 oz. are are the perfect size between cherry and medium with a breathtaking array of color!

Each collection comes with seed starting tips, comes in an ECO-Friendly clamshell container. Free packet of basil seeds included.

Indigo Apple-74 Days. 2-3 oz. bright red fruits are splashed with purple shoulders. Good sweet tomato flavor and striking color.

Little Sunburst-78 Days. A RidgeBridge Farm exclusive. Simply gorgeous salad sized bi-color fruits, swirled with red and yellow. Sweet, delicious, wonderful variety. Beautiful and stunning in taste and look. This variety originated as a sport in our tomato fields and was stabilized over years to an absolutely delightful little salad variety.

Yellow Perfection-70 Days. Golf ball sized bright yellow fruits with sensational flavor. Early variety with heavy yields. A delicious salad variety, with some having a pink blush on the bottom.

Ceylon-70 Days. Unique 2" ruffled red fruit resembling miniature beefsteaks. Full, rich in flavor; sweet and tangy. A very prolific variety with and excellent true tomato flavor.

Wagner Blue Green-78 days. This little 2" salad tomato from renowned tomato breeder Tom Wagner packs a punch of flavor! Fruits ripen to yellowish green and splashed with purple. The flesh is beautiful bright green with fantastic flavor. Very productive and resistant to cracking.

Juane Flamme-70 Days. Gorgeous bright orange French heirloom. Golf ball sized fruit, with a perfect blend of sweet and tart, while being prolific and very tasty. Exceptional rich flavor.