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The Heirloom Medium Collection includes 6 sample packets of (approximately 12-15 seeds each) from favorite varieties of medium sized heirloom tomatoes: Persimmon, Rose de Berne, Black Prince, Marglobe and Golden Monarch. The amazing colors and flavors of these classic varieties were favorites for decades at our farmer's markets.

Each collection comes with seed starting tips, comes in an ECO-Friendly clamshell container and comes with free organic basil seeds.

Marglobe-77 days. A very reliable disease and crack resistant variety from the early 1920s. Good producer of 7-10 oz. brilliant red fruits. Superb true tomato flavor. Determinate variety.

Thorburn's Terra Cotta75 Days. First introduced in 1893, this historic variety is a winner! Fruits are medium sized with copper brown skin and green/pink streaked flesh. Very rich, complex, slightly salty flavor. Good producer and early to ripen.

Black Prince-74 Days. Beautiful brick/deep purple colored 5-7 oz. fruits with wonderful deep sweet and rich flavor. Early, productive and delicious. 

Persimmon-79 Days. Lovely clear orange fruits vary in size but average 6-10 oz. Mild, sweet with balanced flavors. Very good yields, with occasional green on the shoulders. A RidgeBridge Farm favorite for decades.

Rose de Berne-75 Days. Beautiful 4-8 oz. fruits are a rose pink color and have and excellent sweet, while true tomato flavor. Very good yields, with Swiss origins.

Golden Monarch-80 Days. We love this variety for its gorgeous color and delightful flavor. 10-12 oz. yellow fruits often with green shoulders and a pink blush at the blossom end. Lovely balanced flavor and has been a good producer on our farm for decades.