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Beeswax wraps are an eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Use them to wrap vegetables, fruit, cheese or cover your dishes. The warmth of your hands will form this product over the top of a dish, or a snack. The wrap will hold its shape when it cools, creating a seal. They are made with beeswax, cotton fabric, pine resin and jojoba oil.

Our beeswax wraps are offered in sets, one 9" x 9" and one 12' x 12". As this is a handmade item, patterns vary so please allow us to select a pair for you. Each set of beeswax wraps will include a pack of organic heirloom flower seeds to attract honey bees and other key pollinators.

Wash with cool water and gentle soap, and reuse. Each one should last up to one year with proper care. These awesome eco friendly food storage wraps are artfully rendered by hand in Wisconsin with local beeswax!