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Our collection for those who love to can and make amazing heirloom sauce! Includes 6 sample sized packets (approximately 12-15 seeds each) of favorite varieties of roma and paste heirloom tomatoes: Amish Paste, Illini Gold, Speckled Roman, Polish Linguisa, Wrens Roma and Powers Heirloom. Each collection comes with seed starting tips and is packaged in an ECO-Friendly clamshell container. Includes free organic basil seeds packet.

Amish Paste-84 Days. The ultimate paste variety, with a blocky roma shape. The fruits have a delicious red flesh. Perfect for canning, sauce and paste. Extremely productive.

Speckled Roman-85 Days. Stunning elongated plum tomato with bright red skin with golden streaks. Meaty with excellent flavor, wonderful for sauce and great for canning or even fresh eating.

Illini Gold-75 Days. Outstanding blocky golden orange roma type tomato. Meaty and crack resistant, with exceptional flavor. Great for sauces or salads and fresh eating. 

Polish Linguisa-78 Days. An heirloom brought to New York from Poland in the 1800's. Wonderful yields, meaty, with few seeds. Excellent paste and Roma tomato.

Wrens Roma-80 Days. A RidgeBridge Farm exclusive and family heirloom given to us to preserve. Brilliant orange meaty fruits with fantastic tomato flavor.. Excellent paste and sauce variety.

Powers Heirloom-79 Days. Unique and lovely 3-5 oz. clear yellow oblong fruits. Remarkably sweet flavor; fruits may show hints of pink blush. Rich meaty texture. Originated in Virginia over a century ago. A staple in our garden for 25 years.