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A fun and psychedelic blend of striped, tie dyed and unique tomato varieties. A great balance of flavors, colors and sizes, these 10 organic varieties will transform your tomato garden into a world of color.

The Psychedelic Collection includes 10 organic packets of seeds (15-20 seeds per packet) from favorite varieties of heirloom and artisan tomatoes:  Ananas Noire, Green Zebra, Little Sunburst, Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge, *Pink Berkeley Tie Dye, *Blue Beauty, Red Zebra, Orange Russian, Vintage Wine and Pineapple.

Each collection comes with seed starting tips, comes in an ECO-Friendly clamshell container along with a free packet of organic basil seeds.

**note: these varieties are from renowned tomato breeder Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms.

Anasas Noire-80 Days. Dark purple fruit with green shoulders. Rich and full bodied flavor, sweet and smokey. Interior flesh streaked with pink and red. Amazing color and flavor.

Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge-80 Days. 4-6 oz. fruits are vibrant orange with random purple blotches on the shoulders. Fun variety, just gorgeous and very delicious. 

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye-72 Days. Beautiful and early with sweet rich flavor. 8-12 oz. fruits are a port wine color with metallic green streaks, Wonderful sweet pink flesh with fabulous flavor.

Orange Russian-84 Days. Lovely heart shaped yellow-orange fruit. Meaty and Sweet, with well balanced flavor. Beautiful  on the vine and delectable on the plate.

Blue Beauty-80 Days. Medium sized pink fruits with gorgeous, deep blue-black shoulders. High anthocyanin; very good flavor. Meaty, beautiful, delicious , and outstanding variety.

Vintage Wine-78 Days. Unique pale pink variety from Europe with beautiful golden stripes. Its a very distinct color, with a nice rich flavor. One of a kind!!!

Green Zebra-72 Days. Distinctive, tangy salad tomato; 3-4 oz. green fruits with yellow striping when ripe. Productive, delicious, sweet and spicy flavors blended into one.

Little Sunburst -78 Days. A RidgeBridge Farm exclusive , a simply gorgeous salad sized bi-color fruits swirled with red and yellow. Sweet, delicious flavor. A wonderful, amazing variety.

Red Zebra-76 Days. Beautiful 2" round fruits with red/orange stripes. Prolific, juicy flesh with tangy flavor. Colorful and delicious salad variety.

Pineapple-84 Days. Large beefsteak with rich, very sweet and fruity flavor. Yellow fruits with beautiful red/pink marbling through the flesh. An Amazing variety!